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Thinking Green

As far back as 1990, Balfour became one of the first greenhouses to install a water recirculation system. Fertilized water goes back into our plants and not into the ground or general waterways.

Through the use of automated shading systems, we are able to effectively retain heat and to more precisely manage plant growth.  The use of radiant heat results in more efficient use of natural gas.

Our boilers are equipped with smoke gas condensers that recover 15% of waste heat and send less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We redirect the waste heat and carbon dioxide to our plants – they need both heat and carbon dioxide to grow and to produce oxygen.

Through the use of biological controls for insect treatment, we have dramatically reduced the need for chemical products and have achieved outstanding results in the prevention and control of pest infestation. In addition, our staff is trained to spot pest, fungi and other potential abnormalities, ensuring that any pest or disease threat is “nipped in the bud”.

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